Stylish beach hats make you look beautiful in summer!


Take advantage of the summer sun, just come to a seasid […]

Take advantage of the summer sun, just come to a seaside trip~ Wear a big beach visor to dress up your look and make you look beautiful all summer!

1. Letter embroidered big beach hat
The preferred letter embroidered beach hat on the beach resort in the seaside, the shape is not lost in fashion style, the big hat makes you cover the sun in all directions, the straw style is quite chic, especially suitable for blocking direct sunlight in summer, preventing sunburn, summer A sunhat is indispensable for the sunrise gate.

2. Bow big beach hat
Collapsible and easy to carry big beach hat, paper grass material comfortable and breathable, detachable windproof rope, easy to travel whether you are at the beach or on a trip, wearing a casual and fresh dress in the summer, wearing such a hat can make you Immediately became the focus, turned into a beach girl?

3. Straw matry beach hat
Hat straw style, full of holiday burrs, woven design soft, delicate and comfortable, breathable texture, big hat 檐 design sunscreen and beautiful, super wide and more shade, free to adjust and wear more comfortable, stylish and fresh style wearing sunglasses super beautiful.

4. British wind grass beach hat
Very elegant British beach straw hat, noble and elegant bow decoration, highlighting the feminine temperament, with comfortable and breathable, the overall simplicity and generosity, highlighting the big fan ~

5. Wooden ear straw hat
How can I get a visor on the way to go out for a holiday or a seaside holiday? This hat is really super beautiful, and the thin bow is used as a decoration to make the simple hat more sweet, and the wooden ear The brim is very sensational.

6. Hand-woven straw beach hat

Natural Lafite with ingenuity and exquisite weaving skills, smooth and breathable, noble chiffon ribbon, atmospheric ribbon with pure hand-woven straw hat to make you look stylish, the photo is really good looking ~ and the sunscreen effect is very good.

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