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To keep pace with the times,pass the fashion,
pass avant-garde


ZHEJIANG KAIJIA CRAFTS CO.,LTD is the beautiful scenery of jiangnan town-Songmen .Company registered capital is more than 5 million space is more than 2000 square meters ,production area is more than 8000 square meters.Our company is a foreign-owned manufacturer of paper,straw and hemp-based crafts hat ,bag,cloth and carpet and mat.


Company culture

Enterprise philosophy:human-oriented,integrity first Enterprise tenet:finely woven,integrity services,customer satisfaction
Enterprise mission:to keep pace with the times,pass the fashion,pass avant-garde
Enterprise spirit:to overcome the difficulties is no difficult Market concept:professional focus on team management with--win cooperation

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"Vegetable basket" debut in the fashion circle c, this year's most popular straw bag, how to match?

Roboty Reczne round rattan handbag When it comes to grass (bamboo) knitting, it is probably from the 1970s, this kind of bag similar to the basket will be in the fashion circle every few years. This year is undoubtedly a year of "dish basket", whether it is a luxury brand such as Gucci, Prada, Loewe...

Stylish beach hats make you look beautiful in summer!

Take advantage of the summer sun, just come to a seaside trip~ Wear a big beach visor to dress up your look and make you look beautiful all summer! 1. Letter embroidered big beach hat The preferred letter embroidered beach hat on the beach resort in the seaside, the shape is not lost in fashion styl...

Product center

hats and bags manufacturer
Our aim is to provide the market and the customers with fashional accessories.
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